Our Program

Innovative Solution

Our program combines training / therapeutic approaches from the athletic and optometric communities and focuses on augmentation of a continuum of visual processing skills starting at the level of the eyes and specific eye-movements such as vergences, accommodation, and saccades (“visual hardware”) and progressing to the level of the brain and the interface between visual, cognitive and motor skills. The latter skills (“visual software”) involve eye-hand coordination, dynamic depth perception, multiple object tracking, perception span, choice-reaction time and decision-making. The program is intended to last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks or longer with 2 office-based one-hour training sessions per week along with individualized daily home training activities. It utilizes principles of Optometric Vision Therapy used for oculomotor disorders by clinical optometrists and the latest techniques and technology in the field of Sports Vision Training that primarily targets the “visual software”. The program is highly customizable and is meant to restore and augment those visual skills that show the most deficits at baseline.  

Competitive Advantage

Commercially available state-of-the-art sports vision programs are primarily aimed at improving visual “software’.  Nonetheless, the evidence of the effectiveness of such programs for actual sport-specific performance is inconclusive at best with many studies suggesting that lower visual functions (visual “hardware”) should be augmented first especially in those with a history of mTBI before improvements in the ‘visual software’ skills can be fully observed. These non-optometric techniques tend to overlook oculomotor foundations, which may act as “bottlenecks” to efficient performance. On the other hand, currently available therapeutic techniques in the optometric community focus primarily on the treatment of specific oculomotor conditions and may not concern the continuum of visuo-sensory functioning.