Our Services

Neuro-Vision Testing

Sensory, visual, oculomotor and electrophysiological assessments of patients referred by physicians, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, insurance companies and attorneys.

Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation

Individualized visual rehabilitation of deficits associated with mild traumatic brain injury, amblyopia, learning-related vision problems, neurodegenerative diseases and developmental disorders. 

Neuro-Visual Enhancement

Sports-specific visual training of athletes for improved athletic performance.  

Neuro-Vision Research

Scientific investigation of existing programs/products,  innovation of new products/protocols and design.  

Neuro-Vision Education/Training

Undergraduate students, graduate students,  optometric interns, optometric residents, non-optometric rehabilitation  specialists (OTs, PTs, SLPs, LSWs, etc. 

Neuro-Vision Consulting Service

Establishment of new Neuro-Vision   rehabilitation/enhancement centers across the U.S., etc. within hospitals,   clinics, university-based rehabilitation/research centers, sports  organizations/facilities