Our Story

Program Development


Dr. Poltavski, a psychophysiologist, and Dr. Biberdorf, a developmental optometrist, have been research collaborators since 2008 systematically investigating visual processing in adults and children with oculomotor pathologies (Convergence Insufficiency, Accommodative Insufficiency), history of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) as well as the connection between visual processing and sports performance in athletes. In 2015 our research group received grant funding from the North Dakota Department of Commerce (Research ND program) to develop a scientifically sound program for enhancement of sports-specific visial function in athletes and rehabilitation of visual function in those with a history of mTBI. Our research has led to the development of effective diagnostic, treatment and visual training protocols for rehabilitation of visual deficits associated with mTBI as well as enhancement of normal visual function for superior athletic / academic performance. It has been featured at the state level as part of the Provider Perspective by the North Dakota Brain Injury Network, locally in the Grand Forks Herald and the University of North Dakota publications as well as noted in the journal Neurosurgery

Provider Perpective

In this Provider Perspective video by the North Dakota Brain Injury Network Advanced Neuro-Vision Systems services are introduced to patients and providers across the state. 

Screening for concussion

Screening for Lifetime Concussion in Athletes 

Our Recent Research Publications and Presentations

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